About Me

I received a Cricut for Valentine's day 2008. I had done scrapbooking when my daughter was younger, but hadn't done any paper crafting since then. I really got into it again when I got my Cricut!! I discovered card making and have been hooked ever since!! I enjoy almost all crafts and have done tole painting, crocheting, cross stitch and other crafty things. I have a daughter who is a freshman in college and two furbabies. I adore animals of all kinds and I love the outdoors and gardening.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Candy Corn Kisses and Halloween Wishes

Anothe Halloween Card using Doodle Charms for the Candy Corn. I cut them in 3 different layers so that I could emboss them all differently. I used Co'rdinations card stock and then sanded it. I love this stuff!! The Candy Corn is part of a cut that includes other pieces of candy, but I didn't want them to cut so I used the "Hide Contour" button in Design Studio. I am so happy they came up with that feature and I use it all the time!!!


  1. Hi, I think your cards are beautiful and you are very clever in the way you use your Cricut.

    I finally worked out that feature, thanks so much for talking about it, I wouldn't have know it was there otherwise and it is so useful.

  2. You are so very talented! I love your work..like I said earlier I have been in such a slump...you inspired me to get out of it!!!!! Keep up the awesome work...Do you sell your things? You should, great job!!!!

  3. I love this card. Those candy corns are simply darling! Beautiful work.